Meeting Structure

Our first Happy, Joyous, and Free-thinking AA meeting is still in an indefinite future. Here's how we anticipate that the meetings will be structured.

Opening. We will open with the reading of the AA Preamble.

Readings. We will have two readings:

Introductions. We will introduce ourselves, ask for AA announcements, and celebrate any anniversaries of sobriety.

The Day's Wisdom. Someone will read a selection, chosen at random, from a collection of passages that's been compiled for this meeting from a variety of the world's spiritual, philosophical, and wisdom traditions.

Discussion. Discussion will then proceed, on the topic introduced by the day's reading, or on any other topic having to do with alcoholism and recovery.

Close. We will close with a moment of silence to consider the alcoholics and addicts who are still struggling to find the path to recovery, and then we will join one another in requesting, from whatever source of strength each of us may turn to, the serenity, courage, and wisdom to continue our journeys along that path.

Friends, please help us develop serenity, to accept the things we cannot change,
courage, to change the things we can,
and wisdom, to know the difference.

The AA Preamble

The 12 Principles of Recovery

The 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous

Happy, Joyous, and Free-thinking